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    Issues in Forensic Psychology Consulting

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    Some theorists suggest that the principles of psychology can be applied to any situation that includes human behavior. This is a broad perspective and implies that there are a wide variety of opportunities available for psychological consultation. Consultation related to forensic psychology is only slightly less varied. Forensic psychology consultation can range from involvement in training and management issues, to program consultation, to consultation in risk management for workplace violence. Each area of forensic psychology consultation brings with it an array of challenges, some of which are common across specific types of consultation and some of which are unique to a particular type. In this Discussion, you analyze possible areas of consultation for a forensic psychology professional, as well as the challenges related to each.

    Provide a description of each of the areas of forensic psychology consultation that you selected. Then explain why you selected each. Finally, explain at least one challenge related to each area of forensic psychology consultation you selected and how you might address each one.

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    Forensic Psychology Consultation Issues

    Forensic psychologist are called upon in criminal justice to assist in court cases, to work within prison systems, to provide expertise in criminal and civil cases as well as in juvenile justice and law enforcement (policing). According to Stein (2015), "General forensic consultation includes assessment, psychological ...

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