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Organizational Behavior Skills

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How could a manager overcome each the four key barriers to communication? What are useful methods of dealing with each barrier when working with another person?

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This solution discusses the four key barriers to communication: process barriers, personal barriers, physical barriers and semantic barriers.

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Process barriers: Make sure the other person gets the message. The sender must choose the appropriate format for sending a message and the correct words. The message is then formulated and sent to the receiver who must then put it in the proper format for understanding. The correct form of delivery is a key to this barrier's success. Using a blackboard to convey messages only works if people check the board. Using email is a good avenue for message sending and receiving when the recipient must be reached quickly. Sometime communication should be more graphical, such as instructions for working a machine. Representation of what the buttons mean is important. Process barriers are used in appropriate settings and are dependent on the situation. Wanting a class of people to understand Maslow's theory of needs? Do not write it out, use a pyramid graph to ...

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