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    Human Resource Management

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    1.) The text readings for this week identified the skills and competencies of an effective leader. Analyze the top three skills and why they are important in your own organization (A major University).

    2.) In my University, the move to laptop computers in the classroom was a very slow change. When I first enrolled and even when I left, traditional ways were still used for finals. Many people and professors were worried about the integrity of exam is taken on a laptop and many students worried about laptops malfunctioning while tests were being taken. However, little by little, more and more slots were opened up to laptop exam test-takers and more precautions started being taken, starting from first putting in a program that hosted the test and then making sure that students had back up drives on which the test would be saved every couple of minutes so even if the laptops would malfunction, the tests would still be saved. At the end, most people would take the tests on laptops rather than traditional ways.

    In the above paragraph, we discussed resistance to organizational change. Analyze the critical success factors that were missing in the example that you gave.

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    Organizational Behavior

    Answer 1
    Leadership is an important factor for making any type of organization successful. Effective leader possesses many qualities and skills out of which three skills bear primary importance. These are motivation skill, communication skill and technical skill. These are essential for the success of organization (Prasad, 2008).
     Motivation skills: Leader has requisite quality to motivate his followers and play an important role in stimulating inner drives of his followers. So it is an important skill as it motivates the followers ...

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