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Communication Among Team Members

Team members may discuss projects by phone, by email, or face-to-face. What are some issues that may occur in each mode of communication? How might these issues affect team performance? What are some considerations or strategies that may facilitate communication among team members? Please include examples from your organization or an organization you are familiar.

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It is possible to have communication among teams through phone, e-mail, or face-to-face. But each mode of communication has its weaknesses.
Using phones, responses among team members may be instantaneous but there is no way of judging personal demeanor of the team members. Non-verbal expression conveys more than spoken word. Also, the use of e-mail is ubiquitous. Accessing e-mail messages is one story, responding to it is another. The cost is minimal. But responses may not be instantaneous as it may take time for each member to check their e-mails. ...

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The solution suggests that there are various modes of communication available to team members. It is suggested that a team member must not rely on a single communication medium but take advantage of technological advancement in communication.