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    Develop a more cost effective way of producing specialty the 'Hot Rod' motorcycle

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    Assume you are a Manufacturing Manager who is responsible for leading a global cross functional team. The team has been tasked with developing a more cost effective way of producing your specialty motorcycle known as the 'Hot Rod' without sacrificing product quality. Your team's job is to figure out the best new processes and test them before the end of the next quarter. Since the team has only six months to complete this task, time is of the essence.

    How can personal networking help you achieve this task?
    What specific barriers to communication may occur in your project and how might you mange to overcome them?
    How can horizontal communication help you lead this team?
    How might culture affect communication on this team?
    What specific communication methods would you use to keep the team members and management informed on the project, due dates and launch activities?

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    How personal networking can help develop best new manufacturing processes and tests them

    Building a strong network of contact is arguably the most important factor in the success of any venture. It is the most strategic and significant resource of any firm. In developing new manufacturing processes that will be cost effective without compromising on product quality, social networks and personal contacts may be a very cost effective and viable way to obtain information on the viability of various processes that are to be introduced (Fuller-Love & Thomas, 2004). It can provide information about operational improvement techniques that are cost effective and efficient in producing the "Hot Rod" motorcycle, and provide information on technical developments on the various parts of the new motor cycle product and how they can be maximized efficiently. It can also provide information on the capital and market opportunities that can be exploited using the product, or how a product can be developed cost effectively to suit an unexplored market base.

    Personal networking can also help the team reduce uncertainties surrounding the development of the new processes by providing important information about previous effects or possible effects of the new processes. It would also help the team to be able to tap into important scarce resources within the company environment that may be used in developing the new manufacturing processes. Resources in this matter range from people that have the required information, skills, or even control over capital or material that is necessary for the new manufacturing process to be a success (SBAER, 2000). The personal networks can also be very helpful in resource co-option through networking, where resources can be obtained at minimal costs using social relationships and transactions rather than the traditional economic exchanges (Fuller-Love & Thomas, ...

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