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    Thermal Expansion, Convection, Conduction and Radiation

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    For each topic describe in a brief paragraph 1) Its key characteristics and 2) A personal observation, or an experience with, or an example of a real world application of the topic. Try looking the topic(s) up on the internet if nothing occurs to you offhand, or find some examples.

    A) Thermal expansion
    b) Convection
    c) Conduction
    d) Radiation

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    a) Thermal expansion occurs when an object's or substance's volume increases as temperature increases. For example a tire will seem as though it is deflated on a cold day. This is because the gas inside the tire occupies less volume. And on a hot day it might seem as though the tire is over-inflated. This is why it is a good idea to check your tire pressure regularly, so that you don't have a blow-out.

    Thermal expansion occurs because as substances are heated, the molecules move around faster and exert more force on neighboring molecules, pushing away from each other with more force than when they are at a lower temperature.

    b) Convection is characterized by air moving about ...

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    This solution explains the key characteristic of thermal expansion, convection, conduction and radiation. In addition, real-life examples are provided with explanations.