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Type of Heat Transfer Explained

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What are the three types of heat transfer? Provide a description of each and indicate its key formulas.

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This solution of over 500 words provides an overview of the different types of heat transfer. The basic fundamental equation for each is provided. Examples of where these types of heat transfer occur are also provided. Original text is provided in docx and pdf format.

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The three types of heat transfer are conduction, convection, and radiation.

Conduction is heat passing through a material. Thermal energy can be understood as excited atoms whose vibration motion increases with temperature. The excited atoms collide with the neighboring atoms passing on thermal energy which is gained by it neighbor. This is conductive heat transfer. Also included is thermal energy transfer through diffusion of the atoms. An everyday example can be seen in an egg on a pan. The hot burner of the stove transfers its heat to the pan. The heat moves through the pan material to reach the egg. The heat is then transferred to the egg. This is heat transfer by conduction. It happens through materials and when two objects touch each other.

The main ...

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