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    Advantages/Disadvantages of Email

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    What are the advantages and disadvantages of email communication, or what if the email system went down in a major company. how would this impact productivity? Do companies rely on heavily on electronic communication today.

    What are the advantages of networked computers? What are the disadvantages and the characteristics between the internet and a group of networked computers.

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    1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of email communication, or what if the email system went down in a major company?

    E-mail communication has become a part of our daily life, at least in the companies. It is quite common, that when an employee starts his daily work, the first thing he would probably do is check his email. There has been a lot of change in the past decade in which Internet has changes the way we used to visualize life.

    Advantages of E-mail Communication:

    a) Economical: This is one of the most important advantages of email. It is quite economical to send a message.
    b) Faster Transmission: Messages can be transmitted over a matter of seconds to any part of the world in the most economical way. Especially, for companies that have their branches and distributors spread all over the world, this is a very economical and quick way of transmitting messages.
    c) When we consider emails in terms of companies they can use it as an economical marketing tool through the use of newsletters and promotional emails. However, this also has disadvantages, which I would mention below. E-mail marketing has become quite common nowadays.
    d) E-mails help in inter connecting people spread all over the world. People from different part of the world can exchange and communicate freely without any barriers (except in a few cases!!!).

    Disadvantages of Emails

    a) E-mails have caused a lot of damage in the past in form of virus transmission which has caused millions of dollars of loss to companies. There have numerous such cases. ...

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    This describes the advantages and disadvantages of e-mail communication, especially in companies. It also reflects the ipact on the productivity of a company by the use of e-mail communication.