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Fire Prevention and Juvenile Fire Starters

What are the four "Variables That Affect Statistics" (fire statistics) from country to country? Discuss and explain these statistics.

Juvenile fire setters are a major problem in our society. Studies have indicated a high percentage of fires are set by juveniles. What can communities do to help address this issue? Please provide three recommendations.

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Rates of fire loss can sometimes be associated with fire prevention efforts. However, even though the U.S. fire death rate has decline sharply it is still one of the highest around the globe. The U.S. has fire death rates that are higher than most European countries, at 19.5 per million. Only Finland and Hungary have much higher fire death rates. Variables that affect fire statistics include: Fire safety in building materials, fire fighting resources, fire prevention programs, society's acceptance of fires, and behaviors of the population in fire prevention all ...

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The four variables that affect statistics is determined. Communicates to help address the issues are determined.