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    Fire Safety Population Sample

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    What type of sample(a population sample) for example simple, stratied, etc. would you need to examine and learn more about fire safety? What are the various types of sampling you could use, along with their advantages and disadvantages? Please have a reference in APA.

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    The type of population sample that would be beneficial for the understanding of fire safety are population that contain "children 1 to 14 years of age in eight of 11 countries studied. " (1) The other type of population sample that could be useful in assessing fire safety is the elderly. These two groups of population sample are known to have the highest risk in fire fatality. According to the study in the journal of injury prevention, young children and the elderly have the highest risk in fatal house fire injury and death. The have the highest relative risk (RR) ranging from 1.8 to 7.5. (1) The elderly have a relative risk RR of 2.6-3.6. Young children may have the highest risk of fire injury and death for many reasons. Young children are more likely to play with fire and are unable to react in case of a fire.They may be left unattended and unsupervised in a fire. Likewise, the elderly are at a higher risk for fire injury and death because they may not be able to hear the smoke detector. They cannot moved as quick and cannot escape in an event of a fire. They may use older appliances and live in older homes that are proned to fire.

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    This solution looks at the type of population sample that would be beneficial for the understanding of fire safety, focusing on 'children 1-14 years of age' and also the elderly. All references used are included.