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Evaluate the Program Design as a Needs Assessments

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Conduct a Needs Assessments for Local Community School and Create a Program Design Model, your design can be used to teach in the classroom by teachers / parents in different ways to educate kids of 4 years old and older in issues related to Safety Mainly Sexual Abuse.

Select the above program evaluation type and conduct a program evaluation on the program you designed.

Your evaluation should include at least the following types of information:
- A description of the program.
- The target population for the program.
- The type of evaluation being conducted.
- Evaluation stakeholders.
- The type of data to be gathered.
- How (or from whom) data will be gathered.
- How the data will be used.
- Possible issues or complications that could arise in the evaluation.
- Possible outcomes of the evaluation.
- Ways in which results should be communicated and to whom.
- Ways to increase the chances that your findings will be acted upon.

Write up your results as if they were the results for a professional evaluation

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This article is an example of a Needs Assessment for a Human Services program.

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When doing a needs assessment for a 4-year old class dealing with Safety and especially Sexual Abuse you can teach the child body parts in relation to 'good touch and bad touch'. The class could also teach the children about 'Stranger Danger' and to teach them where they can go for help and who they can go to for help in the community. You can teach them the use of children's literature and see how other people get to know people and help them learn various safety rules, for example how to always look three ways before crossing the street (left,right,left); when someone is following you; you should go to a neighborhood watch house and tell them that a particular car is following you and if you can stay there till the danger passes. You can also teach other safety rules in case of fire the 'Stop, drop and roll' procedure if they could ever be in a fire and get burned.

This could be what you could put in a pamphlet to teach various safety skills dealing with personal safety, fire safety and sexual safety. You will probably need to interview the parents to see what they have taught their children at home. You can ask the children what they know about keeping themselves safe.

You can ask the community if they would sponsor a Safety class for children at any age. Sometimes business owners would like to help make improvements to their neighborhood. You could talk to the schools and the churches to see how they help with certain subjects. You can offer a few lectures to schools and churches and community centers on what you plan to offer in this course and you can have them answer questionnaires on what they think should be offer in these safety classes.

You could go to the city building or the township building and see who ...

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