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    Ethical Use of Assessments

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    What is the appropriate and inappropriate use of assessments in instructional design. Identify guidelines that could be used in evaluating the use or misuse of assessments. Provide recommendations to educators on how to be prepared to deal with test-preparation issues in an ethical manner.

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    An appropriate use of assessments in instructional design is called Backward Design. This model requires teachers to develop an assessment first and then create lesson plans and learning activities; building a unit backwards. While teachers should use the Backward Design model and plan their lessons in light of the assessments, they should not exclusively teach to the test. Students miss out on a multitude of enriching experiences if teachers focus too much on the test at the end. Additionally, it is appropriate to teach students how to manage their time when taking tests, how to use test-taking strategies that are specific to the assessments they will take, and to help students become familiar with the "vocabulary" that certain assessments use. For example, the CRT my students take uses the word "omit" as part of the multiple-choice answers. Students need to know what that word means in order to select the correct response. It is appropriate for teachers to take the test along with the students so that they can evaluate how well they've done teaching the information. Any changes that a teacher ...

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    Using assessments is a complex task. How can teachers use them effectively and ethically?