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"Do No Harm" in Personality Testing

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As a psychologist (allow me to be clear, I am Not) a lot of what I have read seams the ethical mandate is to "Do No Harm". I'm trying to write a 4 page about the unintended harm and violating the ethical standards that can be unintentional when doing personality assessments.

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Psychologists are mandated to ensure that they adhere to all ethical standards in accordance with the APA Code of Ethics. As you mentioned, there is great emphasis on the mandate that they must "Do No Harm" to their clients, intentionally or non-intentionally. There are many ways that a psychologists can inadvertently harm a patient emotionally and/or psychologically. When conducting personality assessments, the psychologist must be extra cautious and ensure that they do not compromise the patient's well-being.

Personality testing is sensitive as the results can be quite shocking to the client. They may feel ...

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This solution describes the responsibility of the psychologist to adhere the ethical standard of "Do No Harm". It provides examples of how psychologists can unintentionally harm and violate a client's ethical rights when conducting personality assessments.