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    Proposal for advancements in technology for testing

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    The company you work for is considering changing its applicant testing process. Your supervisor has asked you to research testing methods and make your recommendation. This proposal will be submitted to the Vice President for review and consideration.

    For the purpose of this assignment it helps to have a specific type of organization in mind. Provide an opening paragraph stating the nature of the company you are choosing for this assignment (i.e. are you a retail organization, factory, school, police department, etc?). You may be creative in what type of organization you choose.

    Select at minimum 3 major types of tests (examples include cognitive abilities, motor and physical abilities, personality & interests, and achievement tests, work sampling, etc) and discuss the legal and ethical implications you see with each test. What specific employment laws will be factor? What adverse impact (if any) may be created in using each test and how could that be minimized?

    Based on the results of that compare/contrast, which testing method do you believe may be the most appropriate for your organization and why? Remember to compare and contrast testing methods specifically to demonstrate how the methodologies you have not selected may have more negative ethical and legal consequences than the one you have selected.

    Within the proposal you should also discuss ways in which advancements in technology have helped to make the applicant testing and selection process more efficient and effective.

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    //The retail organization needs to implement an appropriate testing program in order to have the applicant best suited to the organization. For this purpose, to have the best applicant's testing program this paper will help in understanding the different tests along with their legal and ethical implication and its adverse effects and ways to minimize the adverse effects. Later in this paper, the ways in which advancements in technology have helped to make the applicant testing and selection process more efficient and effective has been provided.//

    For this report, the retail organization has been chosen. It has labor force of approximately 30 workers or more. In relation to the technological advancement the organization needs the applicant who are technically sound in order to deal with the complex working environment. The company follows the standard rules and regulations, as per the guidelines provided by the regulatory body and employment standards.

    //Till now we have an overview of the company and now we will discuss cognitive abilities, motor and physical abilities, personality & interests with their legal and ethical implications and adverse impact of each test and how adverse effect can be minimized.//

    Cognitive abilities test:

    It refers to the test in which the workers are provided with the question, problems or situation than their reaction and how they deal to the particular situation is noticed. It involves the applicant's mental ability in relation with logics, reading skills, learning ability and reasons they apply in order to get success in long run. This test is also helpful in judging a person's power, quality and performance in existing working environment. They are required to cater the information with logic and reasons with the application of their comprehensive abilities (Types of Employment, 2009).

    The adverse impact of this test is that it can be a time consuming activity, it may lead to perception of the applicant to react indifferently to the concrete and abstract test items. Cognitive test are good predictors of job performance but may lead to various racial and ethic group differences such as black might score low than white, differences between male and female applicants. The adverse impact can also be related to the scoring criteria for example if the minorities and female score less than it may have negative impact. The adverse impact can be minimized by applying the standards of Uniform guidelines of Employee Selection Procedure (Personnel Selection: Methods: Cognitive Ability Measures, 2001).

    The legal and ethical standards related to cognitive tests must include retail industry, self regulation standards, ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 1520 words with references.