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    High Risk Hazards

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    The organisation has tasked to reduce the rate of a particular type of incident or particular type of high risk hazards which is commonly occurring. The task requires to address the following with respect to the particular incident in accordance with the organisational procedures.

    1. Select an incident or particular type of high risk hazards which is commonly occurring at the organisation. This should be supported by analysis from your incident trend or hazard trend.

    2. Develop a policy that is specific for reducing the hazard/incident identified in question 1.

    3. Establish objectives and programmes as detailed below:
    a. at least one objective
    b. at least one key performance indicators (KPI)
    c. at least one target.
    d. at least 3 programmes with specific actions to be taken, responsible persons, resources required and timeline

    4. Develop strategy for stakeholder communication, participation and consultation.

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    Fire Hazard in Organization

    There have been incidents of small or large fire in the organization putting people at risk and damaging property. Many of these incidents could have been avoided if there was a proper policy for dealing with this high risk hazard. There are many ways in which fire can start like chemicals, electricity, flammable liquids, combustible materials, compressed gases, smoking or even inefficient workplace operations. All these factors should be protected against to safeguard health and safety of employees. Safety performance can become competitive advantage of the organization. Investigations can be used as an opportunity to improve the safety management system wherein all incidents are investigated, analysis performed, and results of the investigation are incorporated in the safety management system.

    The risk of fire has been there in the organization for long but it was ignored before frequent mishaps starting taking place. Most vulnerable were locations which were rarely used like stores, remote conference rooms, stairways which are not frequently used etc. To reduce the rate of fire hazard organization needs to have policy which would include an assessment. This consists of following steps:
    -Identifying possible causes of fire in the organization
    -Identify potential people or resources that would be harmed
    -Assess risks and decide what precautions have to be taken
    -Document findings and take steps for necessary improvements
    -Review assessment and update if necessary

    The organization will provide a safe working environment, equipment and systems of work to all employees and training and other supervision to them to help them deal with the ...

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    The high risk hazards are examined. The expert develops a policy that is specific for reducing the hazard/incident identifications. The establish objectives and programs as detailed is determined.