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    Report on Machinery / Equipment Hazards

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    Give a background about workplace. Select 2 items of machinery / equipment that are commonly used at your workplace. This report should be done based on your actual workplace assessment of the machinery / equipment operation and / or maintenance within the workplace. It should evaluate the existing workplace practices with those stipulated in the manufacturer's operations & maintenance (O&M) manual for the machinery / equipment. If you do not work at any workplace,

    1. Attach pictures of the machinery / equipment operation and / or maintenance being carried out at the workplace. may describe the processes.

    2. Identify at least 2 major hazards that may arise at the workplace for each machinery / equipment.

    3. Evaluate the consequences of the identified hazards for each machinery / equipment.

    4. Develop strategies to eliminate hazards or minimize risk for each identified hazards in line with OHS legislation and hierarchy of risk control.

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    General Maintenance for JCB Excavator Cum Loader and Track Dozer Caterpillar

    The equipment is maintained on a daily basis and includes following steps:
    1. Checking for hydraulic fluid level and replenishing upto the level if required
    2. Checking for hyd system for any oil leakage and taking corrective actions
    3. Checking operations of all hydraulic and other sub systems for people functioning
    4. Checking water/coolant level in the radiator and replenishing if required
    5. Checks for normal functioning of electrical and electronic devices. Any defect is reported to workshop.
    6. Checking for correct working of transmission system and reporting any abnormal sound
    7. Checking for nuts for tightness.
    8. Checking for correct functioning of brakes including brake fluid level.


    Bull Dozer

    1. Brake Failure: The foot brake of bulldozer can fail resulting in bulldozer rolling over.
    Consequences: If the operator tries to extract heavy item like logs and before he starts to winch the logs the machine runs backward over the downhill slope, it could take any amount of time and distance for the bulldozer to come to halt. It could result in serious injuries to people working on the rear side of the ...

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    The expert examines a report on machinery and equipment hazards. Two major hazards that may arise at the workplace for each machinery/equipment is identified.