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    Vulnerability Assessment

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    Using Appendix B, categorize vulnerabilities into three groups: high priority, medium priority, low priority. Priority category is based on the threat, the probability, and the potential severity. Write a vulnerability assessment report for the organization as if you were a consultant. Include recommendations for reducing the severity of loss in case of high priority disasters.

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    //Before doing the deep assessment of vulnerability, it is better for the reader to understand the term the vulnerability. In this series, the first part of the discussion is including the explanation of the term vulnerability. The discussion has been started under the term vulnerability assessment.//

    Vulnerability Assessment.//

    Vulnerability refers to the susceptibleness to the attack by a threat, which is likely to possess some impact. Vulnerability is related to hazards and disasters. It is the concept, which relates the people with the environmental societal drives and the cultural norms that suffer and contend them. It states the multidimensional prospects of disasters by concentrating on the sum of relationship between a societal situation and the environmental forces, which give rise to a disaster. It is the degree up to which any change can produce harm to a system and affect a community. In case of global warming, vulnerability is the level to which an arrangement is susceptible to, or ineffective to match (Bankoff, Frerks & Hilhorst, 2004).

    // After understanding the term vulnerability, various hazards related to vulnerabilities are discussed in the next content of the explanation. //

    There are different hazards and disasters, which relate to vulnerability. The environmental vulnerability, utilities & service, criminal behavior, equipment failure, and information security vulnerability comprise of different hazards and disasters. The environmental vulnerability consists of earthquake, fire, tornado, flood, landslide and hurricane. The utilities & service vulnerability is related to electrical, gas, water, communication and transportation facilities. The criminal behavior includes terrorism, sabotage, theft, arson, riots and trespassing vulnerabilities. The vulnerability to equipment failure is related to IT equipment and non IT equipment. The vulnerability to information security is related to cyber crime, loss of records and information breaches.

    //In this section, we are explaining the relation of the vulnerability and its hazards with an urban clinic of Southern California. The discussion is including the vulnerability assessment of the clinic in all aspects. The assessment of the vulnerability is done on various bases. //

    This vulnerability report is about an urban clinic, which serves the low- income clientele in the Southern California. The climate here is hot because of the presence of large dry desert region. This area is ...

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