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    Program Evaluation - Background Information

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    Assume you are a program evaluator how do you get background information on the program? what strategies might utilize to distribute the results of your evaluation?

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    Program Evaluation

    Establishing the history of a program may be presented through several means, including formal and informal techniques. It is important to consider, and maintain as first priority, the purpose of the evaluation. Will the results impact funding, promote efficacy of the program, or other uses? The following techniques may be utilized to gain appropriate background information: observation of the program, review of previously collected data (including results from state assessments and achievement testing, review of students' and teachers' portfolios if available), interviews/meetings with staff/administration, students, parents, involved personnel from outside agencies, service providers, and any other relevant members of the educational team.

    Two common forms of assessment in education are formative and summative. Simplified, formative assessments are ...

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    An educational evaluator will establish the history of a program through numerous points of data prior to publishing and/or presenting the results.