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Effective Public Policy Evaluation

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What are some of the skills, knowledge, and abilities required for effective policy evaluation? Why are these important?

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On Public Policy Evaluation

What is public policy evaluation and why is it relevant? According to Theodoulou and Kofinis (2004) - policy evaluation is, "a process by which general judgments about quality, goal attainment, program effectiveness, impact, and costs can be determined." If elected officials must take stock of their performance or how the government is performing, they need to come to understand what policies work and what policies don't work. This is important for the community and constituency (the public) that they serve. By evaluating programs, it is possible to determine and validate if a program is doing what it is purposed to do. Consider for example a homeless housing program - is the housing programs really 'housing' the population it is targeted to house or is homelessness/housing still a problem for the community? Public policy evaluation is essential in that we can look at the actual effects of a program or a policy so that we can see the intended and unintended results it has on society. Are they positive or negative? Do they need to be amended? Does the policy need additional budget or resources? Does it need to be scrapped and replaced altogether? ...

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The effective public policy evaluations are examined.

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