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    Planning, Implementation and Evaluation in Public Administration

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    1. Evaluate the importance of each major step in policy analysis as it relates to political choice. Next, debate if one would consider any of these steps more important than another. Provide a rationale to support your answer.

    2. Consider Luther Gullick's views on the division of work. Discuss the overall manner in which the division of work that Gullick espouses impacts the size of public administration. Provide two to three (2-3) examples of such an impact—or lack thereof—in order to support your response.

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    Planning is important because it sets the direction for the operation of any government unit. It requires determination of future action, in advance. Implementation is ensuring that plans and corresponding policies and strategies set are put into realization as intended. Evaluation is assessment of the extent that goals set are attained and plans intended are implemented as desired. In addition, during the evaluation stage, gaps, issues, and problems met in the realization of objectives are identified. Each step in policy ...

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    This report focuses on brief description of the steps in policy analysis and the importance of each step. It was noted that all the steps are equally important in attaining the purpose of any public policy and and in the overall success of public administration. On the other hand, application of the principle of division of labor will make public policies focused. Overlapping of functions in public administration will also be reduced, if not totally eliminated.