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    Healthcare Implementation Plan

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    I need some information on this issue:

    Administrators must continuously seek opportunities to increase the profitability of their practice or facility. What plan can be developed to integrate a current and emerging trend in health care in the Veteran's Administration organization.

    I need help with an executive summary and the following things:

    An Organizational Assessment concerning these issues
    A Project Plan
    Implementation Plan
    Evaluation Plan

    I am trying to construct a plan for this organization in order to implement changes that would assist in alleviating the current problems in Veterans administration

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    Step 1
    The emerging trend in Veteran's Administration Organization is that there is a large backlog of health care cases. The administration seeks to send as many patients to Health Care Centers. The problems are increased because of reports of several preventable deaths at different VA health care facilities. In addition, there are preventable deaths from legionnaire's disease. The allegation is that Veteran's Administration health care units have unsanitary practices, surgical mistakes, and poor supervision. There have been allegations against Veteran's Administration of exposures to hepatitis from improper use of insulin pens on diabetic patients, serious errors by surgeons at Veteran's Administration health care leading to deaths, and wrong prescription of drugs. In addition, there are allegations of misfiling of patient records and documents at Veteran's Administration health care units.

    If Veteran's Administration health care unit wants to be profitable it must ensure that there are few re-admissions to the center. The center must focus on the continuum of care, have a good relationship with the payers at Veteran's Administration, and introduce new service lines to provide complete care to Veterans. In case of Veteran's Administration health care units there are several steps that the unit must take to improve its profitability. The unit must improve ...

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