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Developing an effective implementation Plan

Topic and Objectives: Developing an Implementation Plan

â?¢Identify objectives, strategy, and measurable outcomes.
â?¢Identify steps needed to implement each strategy.
â?¢Determine the resources needed to develop and implement the plan.
â?¢Describe methods for obtaining necessary support from key contributors.
â?¢Create a plan to evaluate the effectiveness of the project.

Consider the population in which the solution is intended, the staff that will participate, and the key contributors that must provide approval and/or support for your project to be implemented. These stakeholders are considered your audience.


A. Please share your thoughts and implementation plan with me.

B. What five changes would improve this implementation plan?

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Objective: The key objective of this implementation plan is to implement a methodology by which the turnover rate within the nursing industry can be significantly reduced, so that there will be enough nursing staff to effectively provide for the needs of patients.

Strategy: The strategy that will be utilized in the development and utilization of this implementation plan, will be first to thoroughly analyze the internal and external environmental situation or conditions surrounding the nursing industry. The next component of this strategy will be to effectively ascertain the focused mission of the implementation program, based upon the situational analysis that has been conducted, in order to ensure that the implementation and focused upon pertinent areas of endeavor. The next aspect of the strategy that will be utilized, would be developing an efficient and effective means of executing the implementation, in a ...