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    Explain an effective marketing plan

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    Explain what is an "effective" marketing plan. What are some of the problems which may exist with it? If you were a marketing manager responsible for the development of a marketing plan, what length of time would the plan cover? Why?

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    Effective Marketing Plan

    An effective marketing plan serves as a trusty road map. It describes how to proceed, where we are heading, and most importantly helps in the achievement of the objectives (Kotler, 2002). Long-term thinking and planning plays a vital role in the implementation of the Sales and Marketing strategy (Kotler, 2002). Sales department and Marketing department helps in formulating overall business objectives (Mednick, 2008). Marketing is a process through which the company sells its goods and services to the consumers (Kotler, 2002).

    Problems in Developing a Marketing Plan

    In order ...

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    The solution explains an effective marketing plan. The problems which may exist within this are determined.