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Program Implementation

Please help with creating a hypothetical situation. For my work, I am to pretend I am speaking with a colleague about the successes and struggles of my prisoner re-entry program designed to assist clients in finding employment following a recent program evaluation. During the dialogue I am to include the following element:

1. The hypothetical situation involving disappointing evaluation results.
2. Areas that should continue due to results.
3. How I plan on sharing this information with key stakeholders.

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1. The hypothetical situation involving disappointing evaluation results.

Consider the notion that recent assessment leading struggles and failures indicate limited in funding associated with fully educating or training the participants, which, the result entailed non-productive outcome. The extra funding seemed to impact the ability to having extra staff members equipped of background knowledge and expertise in successfully training the participants. Make note of the now hindsight on the shortcomings either funding or staffing needs during the period of review that led to such struggles. Basically the goal is to "identify" the problems by the causes (not enough of funding, shortage ...

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The review into a re-entry program success and struggles by communicating the areas of needed focus or continuing the productive areas.