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Implementation methods

Explain the four implementation methods.

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// This paper will be based on the concept of implementation methods. A general introduction of implementation and types of implementation methods will be discussed in the paper. Implementation methods will provide a guiding map to arrange and organize the activities of the project or program. Implementation phase of the project can be performed more easily and will deliver more than expected return with the help of such methods.//

Implementation is the realization of defined goals and objectives of the project and program. Implementation methods have direct access to available resources, and they optimize the workflows patterns to maximize project and program performance. Right type of implementation methods support project growth and contribute in achieving operational efficiency. Project and program will deliver effective, efficient and timely results by using the right type of implementation methods (Luthans, 1998).

Implementation methods should be chosen in the light of some defined considerations. Some of the considerations are project methodology, expectations with project, success and failure rates, training and support needs, etc. Large and complex ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 655 words with references.