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    Program Evaluation

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    A program evaluator is both blessed and cursed with the myriad of possible information sources available. Simply put, these are sources (resources) from which and whom information is obtained and used to assist in the evaluation process. Such sources can be, but are not limited to, stakeholders, archival data, and program recipient or participants (who may or may not comprise your group of major stakeholders).

    Review the literature on information sources commonly used by program evaluators. Write a 2- to 3-page paper in a Microsoft Word document identifying and discussing the following:

    Three major sources of information and your reasons for choosing these sources.

    The role of identified information sources in program evaluation.

    Your plan to use the identified information sources within your own program evaluation project.

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    Program Evaluation of Public and Non-profit Organizations:

    Carrying out program evaluation will involve conducting reviews on different literature available in stakeholders, archival data, participants and recipients' data among others however, the literature review is not usually limited to these forms of data only. The information gathered usually assists a program evaluator in the collecting the correct data for program evaluation which can be used for evaluating both public and non-profit organizations.

    Reviewing literature on both public and non profit making organizations enables an evaluator make the best out of the searches that he carries out which providing him or her with an insight which is invaluable into the program area that is being evaluated. Reviewing literature should always be carried out at an early stage of an evaluation study (program evaluation methods, 2010).

    There are several sources of information in which a program evaluator may use in reviewing information about the public or non-profit making organization's data however, this paper will focus only on three main sources of information for the program evaluation act such as; the existing information, people, and pictorial records and observations. Within a program evaluation reviewing more than one source of information is considered important since it will provide more bases for the ...

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