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Program Design and Evaluation

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We begin a journey as an Acme Corporation Behavioral Health (a fictional company) intern for a program planning consultation. We will review the fundamentals of program design and evaluation. This includes the logic model and the steps in the program planning process. Additionally, we will explore the potential influence of multiculturalism in the school environment today. Your cultural background as well as the backgrounds of the various stakeholders at Acme Corporation Behavioral Health and at GlobalEd will have a great affect on our planning. The first step in the program design planning process is problem analysis. One of the common mistakes in planning is identifying a solution before there is a clear understanding of problems and needs. For example, GlobalEd feels that they need a Behavior Management Services division. While that may or may not be true, there are often factors that people do not take into consideration when they identify a solution before fully understanding a problem. At GlobalEd, for example, it appears the new multicultural mix of students may be contributing to some of the behavioral issues. Identifying problems is part intuition and part data collection analysis.

The Acme Corporation Behavioral Health board has a meeting with GlobalEd next week and needs a PowerPoint presentation that will provide an overview of the program design and evaluation process and why participatory research is going to be used as part of Acme Corporation Behavioral Health's consultation process. Your supervisor has asked you to prepare the presentation for them. Your presentation should be a minimum of 10 slides. Remember, you need to "sell the program design and evaluation process", which can be time consuming and appear to an outsider to have more steps than needed. Therefore you need to carefully explain why each step is needed to help ensure their cooperation. You might start the presentation by explaining the participatory research process and then demonstrate how they will be involved step by step to ensure that the final product meets everyone's expectations or use any other order of presentation that you think will help make the process clear and the need for it convincing. You must include a title page at the beginning and reference page(s) at the end.

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This solution provides a power-point presentation with steps to a program design and evaluation.

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Design program by the Acme Corporation Behavioral Health Board.

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(1) Introduction

You will introduce the proposed program design. For instance, in introducing a proposed program, you are trying to sell to GlobalEd the significance of your research plan and design program. For example, your objectives may be to build on Acme Corporation Behavioral Health Board level of health care standards (if that is the problem). However, you may be interested in addressing ethical concerns in a health care setting. Thus, your PowerPoint presentation will consist of major (a) efforts concerning the issue in the past, (b) current issues and controversies related to the problem and (c) the specific audience tailored to the research question, which is GlobalEd. (Here you could introduce the participatory process, and your multicultural perspectives, and explain how such a plan addresses multicultural issues related to the problem (i.e., employee absenteeism)).

Next, generate theories in which data will inform your initiatives and address individual and corporate concerns.

(2) Present the focus of your research and narrow the topic to the process of the research such as "health benefits". I used "healthy lifestyles" as an example that would be advantageous at the company level (e.g. better work force, reduction in absenteeism, more motivated employees, etc.).
(3) Next, you will discuss what past efforts have been made relative to your research initiative (i.e., who else has proposed such a program, what were the problems that were found.)
(4) Current views and controversies surrounding the research.
(5) Identify the audience for your specific research (i.e. who benefits from your proposed solution).

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Present your research question

The research question is focused specifically on what you want to understand by ...

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