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    Voice Controlled Wheelchair

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    i have project about (Back Sensor- Voice Controlled Wheelchair ) can be found on this link (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PGPxIGhUaMc)

    I'm looking for project proposal that have:
    1. Background and justification of the project
    2. Objectives of the project
    3. software, hardware used
    4. Expected results of the project
    5. Project implementation and management
    6. Project budget

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    1. Background and justification of the project
    The background of the project is the Voice Controlled Wheelchair System by using speech recognition module. The system works by controlling the wheelchair using the voice of the client. The direction of the wheelchair now can be selected using specified voice commands or switch. The person sitting in the wheel chair can operate the home appliance through voice commands without moving. The design will not only help reduce the manufacture cost compared to present market but will also provide strong competition to other types of electrical wheelchairs (1). The justification for the project is that the voice controlled chair is safe, comfortable, saves energy, and has full automation.
    2. Objectives of the project
    The objective of the project is to provide a voice controlled wheelchair that is easy to use, safe, and is not costly. Simple voice commands such as Forward, Reverse, Left, Right, Stop, On, and Off will operate the wheelchair. For example the Off command will switch off the Supply. The purpose is to help the movement of people who are disabled or handicapped and elderly people who are not able to move well. Voice controlled wheel chair will enable these people with more independence ...

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