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Propose the design of a database

Jim and Tim have been toying with a new prototype for a robot. It is a miniature robotic dog that can bark, roll over, come when called by name and learn other tricks. Some loyal customers have been part of the process and are already interested in making a purchase. Due to the envisioned popularity of this new robot, Jim and Tim will need to track its inventory. Since the design of this prototype is comprised of various materials, it would be best to keep this product in separate tables.

Propose the design of a database. Explain the role of each table in your proposed database and the relationships between the tables.

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1) Suppliers
supplier_code (PK)

2) item_Suppliers
item_code ( pk.fk ) ( references inventory_items)
suplier_code (pk,fk )( references ...

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This job proposes the design of a database.