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Classroom Guidance Techniques

If you are not currently a teacher, respond to this scenario:
You have been hired as a middle school counselor, and one of the job responsibilities is providing classroom guidance at least twice per week. You have never worked with an entire classroom of students. Your experience is in working with students individually, or in small groups.
In your classroom guidance sessions, the students are inattentive and restless. An experienced teacher has suggested that you develop a lesson plan for your program. He has also suggested some of the disciplinary techniques he uses when teaching. These ideas are helpful, but you want to approach the students as a counselor, rather than as a teacher or authoritarian. What additional strategies will you use to handle discipline problems in your large group?

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One of the first things that should be done in this situation, is to seek to ascertain what individuals or groups of students are causing the majority of the discipline problems in the class. It is very important to separate groups of students who are causing disciplinary problems, due to the fact that the inappropriate behavior of individuals within these groups, seems to reinforce the propensity for inappropriate behavior by the rest of the individuals ...