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Reading/Literature Lesson Plan With Visualizing Strategy

I need help with creating a formal lesson plan that included the comprehensive strategy (visualizing strategy). It can be for 1st grade level and has to be for using an instructional approach of guided or shared reading. THis class is for literature and reading. The solution includes sample lesson plans for the subject area and handouts.

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I am attaching a couple of lesson plans that are considered formal. Some are for an entire week of using the readers workshop model where the studnets are required to do some sustained silent reading as well as meet with the teacher in a small group setting or one on one. These one on one meetings should be documented. Because there are so many different types of photos that a child can use to visualize which in turn will help them read, I allowed my children to create a booklet that they could keep with them. I am attaching all of the pages that I used. We also made a giant one for the entire class to ...

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This solution provides guidance on creating a lesson plan using the comprehensive (visualizing) strategy for a 1st grade literature or reading class.