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How Can Literature Enhance A Curriculum

Describe how each of the following content area teachers (math, social studies, and science) use quality literature to enhance their curriculum.
a) Be sure to distinguish the differences in use among the three different content areas.
b) Describe three activities that may be incorporated into engaging lessons.
c) Describe an implementation strategy for each content area.

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Using literature to teach can draw the students into learning while providing entertainment. A student would much rather hear a story about how the dinosaurs existed that by reading a brief excerpt in a textbook. Stories, such as the "Magic Treehouse" series, offer insight into several history lessons. Some stories give exciting details into the adventures and facts of the subject.

There are many ways to incorporate lessons into the readings. You can have the students do comparisons about the subjects in the story, create a character map describing important facts they learned or create artwork showing what they ...

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Use of literature can incorporate many different subjects while enhancing reading and comprehension skills. While reading a science lesson the student should be utilizing their knowledge of context clues and comprehension. Just because the literature is for science, math or social studies does now mean that the reading lesson ends.