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    Directed reading lesson plan

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    Directed Reading Thinking Activity

    · Develop a guided reading lesson or a Directed Reading Thinking Activity (DRTA) for a narrative text.
    · Write one to two questions for before, during, and after reading to encourage studentsâ?? predictions.
    · Identify 4 to 5 prediction points in a piece of childrenâ??s literature.
    · Explain why these points were chosen.

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    http://www.speechlanguage-resources.com/children-s-narrative.html is the Web site for a sample children's narrative story that you can use for younger students, as the story is short and fairly simple.

    Story Grammar

    What follows is the structure of a typical story grammar using an example from an original story:
    'Guff the Neanderthal Boy.'

    Guff is a young Neanderthal boy on his first hunt, in prehistoric times in Europe, 150 000 years ago. Guff's tribe is hunting wooly mammoths for food. (1)

    The hunt goes terribly wrong and in the resulting panic Guff becomes separated from his tribe. He is alone and lost. (2)

    That night Guff sleeps in a ditch to hide from predators. The next morning he follows a river that he hopes will lead to his tribe's camping ground.

    After a long morning of travel Guff becomes hungry and later spears a fish in the river.

    Guff makes a campfire, then cooks and ...

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    A directed reading lesson plan based on a Web story. URL provided.