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    Accountability for formative assessments

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    Give an example of how you would make sure all students are accountable for participating in formative assessments? Provide at least 200 words

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    Formative assessments are designed by the teacher in order to gather feedback from the students with an end goal of evaluating whether they comprehend the material or not. If the teacher determines that students understand the material the teacher is free to move forward into new ideas and applications of knowledge. If, however, the assessment indicates that students are struggling with the new concepts or have gaps in their learning, the teacher will plan additional lessons to fill in those gaps or to review key concepts before moving forward with new instruction.

    It is vital that all students participate in formative assessments ...

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    This solution addresses student engagement in formative assessments. Specifically, how can a teacher ensure that all students participate in formative assessments. Over 400 words of original text based on the author's 15+ years of teaching experience.