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Reading Lesson Plan: ECE Fragile X

I help with writing a reading lesson plan for an early childhood student that has Fragile X.

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Kindly rate 5/5 for my 500 words of ideas. As you formulate your lesson, I offer the following:

In order to modify the lesson for this student, it is vital to remember that sensory input is difficult for these students. They also struggle in terms of speech production. Male students, in particular, often have delayed language development and are better at processing visual information than verbal information. In turn, I advise you to use a book with lots of pictures. Wordless picture books are also ideal. As a culminating activity, you could have the student create a story board or comic book slides after reading the book, depending on the student's age.

Since you did not specify the grade level for this lesson, I offer generalized ideas. If you need more data in the form of a template, I will need more specifics.

Some examples of wordless picture books include:

- Anno's Journey ...

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Lesson ideas and modifications are brainstormed in 500 words to address a student with ECE Fragile X.