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Fragile X

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You will research one of the following intellectual disabilities according to your last name.

Fragile X

Choose one of the following grade levels and one of the following academic skills. Then, find a lesson plan for the grade level and academic skill you've chosen. Some lesson plan resources are listed, but feel free to use other sources.

Early Childhood
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Free Classroom Lesson Plans and Unit Plans for Teachers
Lesson Plans for Teachers

Write a brief description of the intellectual disability that you have been assigned including typical classroom behaviors. Then, review the lesson plan you have chosen and share at least two modifications you would make to the lesson plan in order to better meet the academic needs of students.

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The description of Fragile X (someone with a or some certain mutation on their x chromosome) is some hand clapping or hand biting, hyperactivity or impulsiveness, ...

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The expert examines fragile x intellectual disabilities. The free classroom lesson plans and unit plans are discussed.

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