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The Skeletal System

In the human body, we tend not to be concerned about how the body functions until it stops functioning normally. To that end, you will explore one pathophysiological process that is related to the skeletal system.

- Describe the pathological (disease) process at work in people who have been diagnosed with the bone disease known as "Osteoporosis".

- Describe how the disease process at work in Osteoporosis represents an alteration in normal bone structure and function.

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In our bones, biological material is constantly being formed and broken down, implemented with minerals such as calcium, damaged and repaired. This is done via cells called osteoblasts and osteoclasts. The former cell population are in charge of building the bony infrastructure while the latter population specifically breaks down bone. The reason behind the breakdown is the fact that bones ultimately are a great source of stored up calcium, which is needed in many other tissues in order to ensure their proper function. As a result, when the body doesn't have enough calcium, it may ...

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The solution discusses the skeletal system.