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    Lesson Plan Adaptation: business and history classes

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    Can you help me with this??

    Conduct an Internet search on five different sites to locate five different content area lesson plans. For each lesson plan write a summary of the lesson and a summary on how to adapt the lesson for special needs students.

    I only need help with 2 of them. I already have a Math, English and Spanish one if someone could help me locate a business lesson plan and maybe a history lesson plan, then summarize and explain to me how you would as a teacher adapt it for special needs students.

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    The following link provides both lesson plan and rational for the unit:

    If I were to adapt Lesson 1 in particular for special needs students, I may have students who are stronger readers role -play the article or read aloud the portions of the article to be used with altered and old spellings for the students who may have reading difficulties. A cooperative learning activity could be to rewrite a paragraph using our modern language and spellings to assist those with ...

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