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    Lessons on the Great Depression

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    Can someone help me create five different lesson plans that focus on The Great Depression: History of Money. The lessons need to be for a 10th grade Business Class. The overall unit topic is The history of Money: The Great Depression.
    Please tell me how long you think it would take to preform all 5 lessons and what goals should be set.
    Then each lesson needs to have the following information included:
    a. Objectives:
    1) Aligned to the appropriate state and national standards
    2) Reflecting various levels of thinking
    b. A list of materials used in the lesson
    c. Detailed instructional sequence
    d. Activities
    1) Address studentsâ?? diverse backgrounds and learning styles
    2) Incorporate both student and teacher use of technology
    e. Assessment

    Please include any handouts, and materials necessary for teaching the five lessons.
    4. A copy of each assessment for the five lessons. Include at least the following items:
    a. One performance-based assessment and the rubric to be used
    b. One quiz
    c. One unit test
    5. A bibliography written in APA format that includes at least one reference about a community resource and at least one reference about a strategy for parent involvement

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    This is a complex problem that must be divided into manageable chunks to be adequately addressed, and there is one aspect that I suggest that you supply. A community resource would be a local resource from your area that I suggest that you supply. It could be as simple as your local library, which has resources which address the Great Depression, or a local museum of historical society which has reference ...

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    Seven lessons on the Great Depression for middle or high school students, with focus on economics, forecasts, anc cultural impacts. Detailed lesson plans, with activities, handouts, assessments and rubrics - ready-to-teach.