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Facets of Disordered Behavior

This posting briefly examine the characteristics of anxiety and related disorders, depression, and suicidal behaviors in teens.
It helps to identify teacher responsibilities and interventions for students with anxiety, depression, and suicidal behaviors.

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As you explain your interview, I will offer some ideas based on my current and past experience as both a regular and special educator.

In terms of behaviors, please note that anxious, depressed and suicidal students show major changes in their behaviors at school. These behaviors are both academic and behavioral. For example, one student, a former all A pupil, started skipping classes, failing assignments, and acting out during recess. Please also note that students with anxiety, suicidal thoughts, and depression also show personality changes. They may be overly moody or volatile. One observed student went from one extreme to another. For example, she was silent, passive and then all of a sudden quite angry and violent. A common factor was that these kids showed ...

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This posting explains various facets of Disordered Behavior.