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Groups of Offenders

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1. Briefly describe each of the four groups of offenders: mentally disordered offenders, sex offenders, violent offenders, and family violence offenders.

2. Compare (similarities and differences) mentally disordered offenders, sex offenders, violent offenders, and family violence offenders.

3. Explain an insight you had or a conclusion you might draw as a result of comparing these offenders.

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In this particular task you are being asked to put together a description of offender types. The solution below should get you started. It follows this outline:

1. Overview of Offender types - 300 words
2. Similarities and differences of Offender Types - 300 words
3. Insight/Conclusion - 200 words

This outline should yield 800 words which should cover what you need. Personally however, I feel that you will best be served by presenting a matrix. I have created one for you which you can find in the attached document. It is the same information but presented in a format that allows for better comparison. You can use the listed resources to further explore the topic. Good luck with your studies.

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Offender Types Overview

In law enforcement and criminology, an offender is an individual who has violated criminal law. In a sense, 'criminal' is seen as interchangeable with 'offender' in the same way as the word 'offence' is interchangeable with the word 'crime'. An offender's offence range from misdemeanours and felonies to serious and heinous crimes. In criminology, offenders are classified according to a number of characteristics and factors related to the offences they commit, their motivation and other relevant personal attributes particular to their individual cases. In this discussion, I will explore the following groups/types of offender - the mentally disordered offenders, sex offenders, violent offenders and family violence offenders.

Mentally disordered offenders are offenders who have acted out their offences/crimes because of a mental illness. Because of this, these offenders are subject to special controls by law enforcement because of the risks they expose society to as well as the likely risk they pose to the prison population should they be imprisoned in the same facilities as other convicted offenders. By current rules, offenders who are mentally ill are taken to state facilities that remove them from the larger prison population to effective mental care facilities where they are treated. Sex offenders on the other hand are those who commit sex crimes as defined by legal jurisdiction and the cultural practices of a particular country. Thus sex offenders are those whose crimes are sexual in nature or they have violated laws within the sexual category. For example, prostitution is a sexual offence, paedophilia is a sexual offence and ...

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The solution provides information, assistance and advise in tackling the task (see above) on groups of offenders (as defined by their behavior and nature of criminality) , providing description, comparison and insight. Resources are listed for further exploration of the topic.

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