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gifted students in the classroom

Consider the following:
You have created a lesson plan for a classroom. You have used this lesson for years and have never had a special needs student in the class. It is time again to use the lesson but this year you have a student that has no arms or legs. Although the student is missing limbs, she is very smart and has A's in every class.

As a teacher please tell me how you would interact with the person based on what you have learned throughout the years of teaching, as well as how the personâ??s experience in education may have been different based on appropriate accommodation.

Cite any references used please.

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From personal experience, I have learned that children can be very resourceful. They are often able to find ways of participating and completing tasks, even when physical barriers are present. The challenge is in accommodating the child with no limbs in a matter that will allow her to benefit from the lesson as much as the other students. This lesson requires some writing, so I must consider the challenge this child will have in participating at the same level as the other students. I do not want her to feel left out or cheated, because she has a physical challenge.

First, I will speak to the ...

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