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Strategies for Engaging a Gifted Learner

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Marcos teaches an 8th grade Math class at a small town in Utah. The school he teaches has a total student population of 143 students, includes his 8th grade class. He has a room filled with various ability levels, from struggling through advanced. His highest achieving student Julia is routinely bored with the lessons as her skill level is far above the other students in the class. Marcos has tried a variety of techniques to engage Julia, and has spoken on multiple occasions with her about how impressed he is with her abilities. Julia has become withdrawn and has even taken to acting out in class, something that she never has done before.

Please help to describe 3 specific strategies can use to engage Julia and make use of his strengths in class. For each strategy describe how he would enact the strategy and a method she could use to assess is the strategy had worked.

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Strategies to engage the gifted learner:

1. Advanced assignments-Gifted students often finish their assignments earlier than the other students, this can lead to boredom and acting out. Allowing the student to move ahead of the rest of the class can help curb the boredom and eliminate acting out. Discuss the decision with the parents, students and administration before enacting this option (Stacy & Malburg, 2011).

2. Allow the student to pursue their own projects-Cleaver (2013) suggest that teachers allow ...

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The strategies for engaging a gifted learner are determined in the solution.

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