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    On Depth and Pace of Learning

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    For what kinds of learners is speed of learning more important than depth of learning and vice versa? Why? What are the most significant tradeoffs when balancing learning speed against learning depth? Why?

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    Depth/Pace of Learning

    While there are principles to learning, not everyone learns in the same way, in the same pace, in the same depth of comprehension. Teachers have long known that while there are fast learners in a class where abilities are mixed, there are average students just as there are stragglers. But while most schools segregate learners according to abilities (so as the 'star' section gets the smartest learners who go through faster, more challenging programs), in certain learning environments (single classes for mixed abilities and/or individual tutor-based learning), this is not possible. So most teachers are challenged to balance pace and speed and cater to individual needs as well as temper expectations according to individual abilities. Gifted and bright learners learn faster than average learners. The gifted asks questions and are curious what with their high IQs and only require 1 or 2 repetitions of ideas to master the ...

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