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    Standardized Seat Time and the Role of the Older Worker

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    1. What is standardized seat time?

    2. Do you think there is also a role for training of older workers in the new climate? Should companies attempt to work with older workers or should the focus be training the next generation?

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    1. Standardized Seat Time refers to the amount of time that a school or university allocates for a student to complete a course. This was to ensure that students physically show up to class for a per-determined amount of time (for example 15 weeks or 45 hours of instruction) in order to pass the course for full credit. In theory, this sounds like a positive thing; however, standardized seat time does not take into account that students learn at different paces, have scheduling conflicts, have physical disabilities, or are located someplace that makes it impossible to attend class. In other words, independent learning, ...

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    This posting discusses standardized seat time and the role of the older worker in the workforce.