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    Issues to Consider Before Recruiting/Employing Older Workers

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    What are some critical issues that should be considered before recruiting and employing older workers? How can HR managers avoid litigation (legal action) for discrimination by older workers? Should the job expectations be different for older workers?

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    Older Workers
    Critical Issues that Should be Considered in Recruiting and Employing Older Workers

    Some of the critical issues to be considered before recruiting and employing older workers are that older employees are an asset to any business (Targeting Older Workers, 2008). Whether a company needs part-time or full-time workers, older employees bring a wealth of knowledge with them that can be utilized to advance a company. IBM found out the hard way after they had early-retired all their seasoned workers. There was no one left who had years of experience to support many of the computer systems that were still out in the field being used by loyal customers. What happened is that when these loyal customers called for support, new inexperienced employees had no clue as to what to recommend. Ironically ...

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