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    Diversity and older workers

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    If you were a hiring manager of a company what would you do differently to recruit and retain older workers?

    How would you improve the managing of age diversity within your company?

    Provide an example of a company policy to ensure their workplace is welcoming to older workers?

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    The first thing a hiring manager should do is contact those agencies and organization that deal with older workers or older citizens. Through these, the company can access more older workers in the area. Agencies like a Workforce initiative have workers of all ages, races, ethnicities, and levels of education and skills. So accessing their files of employees for hire can help the HR to find the best candidates for the job. Also, making contact with social service agencies is another good way to find good older workers. When older workers cannot find work, they often turn to social service organizations and agencies for help and these agencies ...

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    A discussion on the ways to recruit and retain older workers in a company.