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Cultural Diversity in Virtual and Multicultural Teams

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Could you assist me with the question on how to create a successful climate to manage cultural diversity and manage the workforce in multicultural and virtual teams?

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There are many ways to encourage a climate of cultural diversity in an organization. First, it is important to recruit and hire a culturally diverse workforce. Placing emphasis on diversity not only through formal selection and hiring practices and flexible vacation and benefit plans but also encouraging it informally within the social fabric of the organization will help maintain a positive viewpoint on the issue. When advertising for jobs, it is important to announce that your company seeks a diverse workforce. Hiring a balanced staff with regard to gender, nationality, religion, sexual ...

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This solution offers practical advice about how to encourage cultural diversity and cultural tolerance in companies. It also discusses steps to take if you are a manager or team facilitator in your organization and you want to encourage cultural diversity in virtual teams. In addition, it offers tips on how you can make your virtual teams successful in terms of cultural diversity.