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    Employee Diversity Elements

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    Employee Diversity in the 21st Century

    Name at least 10 elements of employee diversity in the 21st century. Discuss which of these you perceive to be the most challenging element facing your organization today and the element that will be most challenging in 2020. What value, if any, do these elements contribute to your organization?

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    Many elements will create a more diverse workforce in the 21st century. These include age diversity. There are less young people entering the workforce and more older people staying in the workforce. This creates a need for organizations to change the way they manage employees, and create more flexible positions. There are more women in the workplace. More couples are making a conscious decision of who should stay home to care for children, rather than assuming it will be the female, and females are gaining education at a record pace. There is a greater ...

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    This solution discusses 10 elements of employee diversity, identifies most challenging element now, and the element that is predicted to be the most challenging in 2020. Includes APA formatted reference.