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    Google's receptiveness to change.

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    I need assistance with exploring Google Inc.'s culture. I want to discuss such topics as Google's receptiveness to change, values concerning motivation, employee participation, learning, and diversity. Additionally, how is management shaping culture at Google?

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    Step 1:
    Google has an informal culture. For example, there is no formal dress code. The employees address their superiors with first names and sit with the top managers in the cafeteria. It also has an open culture. This means that any individual can walk into the office of any top manager of the company and talk to him/her about work related issues. The culture also has principles that guide employees. For example, 'you can make money without doing evil'. This is a simple message but communicates the need for ethical behavior in business. The employees are competitively compensated and this combined with an attractive work culture helps Google attract the best talent in the industry. One notable strategy that Google uses to motivate its employees is the 'innovation Time Off'; using this strategy, Google employees are asked to use 20% of their work time on projects that interest ...

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